Consistent three-putter, chip-duffer and rough-finder; suffers from extreme fade. One of The AllStar content guys. Loves/hates that one flush shot that keeps him coming back for more.

Sportsbooks are in the business of making money. Vig is what they charge to take your action. You need to know about and understand it.

Sharp bettors are the pros who make a living out of sports betting. They’re a different breed from those who just like the occasional flutter.

Bookmakers will always look to balance a market to limit potential loses on any one side. Their main tool to do this is line movement.

By placing numerous bets in a parlay you can multiply your winnings significantly – but all your bets must hit for a parlay to pay.

Let us introduce you to the basic principles of bankroll management – an absolute must if your betting career is to have any longevity at all.