LeBron’s James’ appearance in Detroit came to an early, bloody end after he elbowed Pistons’ big man Isaiah Stewart. The incident took place in the third quarter with the Lakers down 79-67 and left an incensed Stewart with blood pouring down his face.

Both players were ejected from the game but not before an emotionally charged Isaiah Stewart attempted to square up with LeBron. Several teammates and Pistons personnel were on hand to pacify Stewart who on several occasions pretended to have calmed down before breaking loose and charging at LeBron. Stewart ended up needing five stitches for the hit to his face.

The ejection is only the second of LeBron’s 19 year career. Despite the ejection, LeBron was able to keep his streak of scoring 10+ points alive. He tallied exactly 10 points before making his mark on Stewart. LeBron has now scored 10 or more points in a record 1310 games.

Will LeBron James be suspended for hitting Isaiah Stewart?

LeBron James will likely face suspension for his actions in Detroit. Many are debating whether LeBron intended to hit Stewart in the face but the fact remains that he swung and connected with Stewart’s face. This was Lebron’s second game back from injury and the Los Angeles Lakers could now be without him for several games.

Predicting the suspension for LeBron James

LeBron’s former teammate JR Smith was handed a two game suspension for pulling a similar stunt on Jae Crowder in 2015. Given the precedence, LeBron should be suspended for a minimum of two games. That would be one game more than Nikola Jokic’s recent suspension for shoving Markieff Morris from behind.

The most recent and noteworthy altercation featuring the Lakers came in 2018. Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo got into a scuffle with both players throwing several punches. Former Lakers forward Brandon Ingram also joined the fight and landed a direct hit on Chris Paul. Ingram came away with the largest suspension – a four-game ban for escalating the fight. Chris Paul meanwhile was suspended two games and Rondo received a three-game suspension.

Predicting the suspension for Isaiah Stewart

Detroit Pistons head coach Dwayne Casey is adamant that Stewart shouldn’t face any fines or suspensions. Speaking to the media after the game, Casey felt that Stewart’s ejection was adequate punishment. He also added that Stewart is “a great kid, but he felt like he got cheap-shotted across the brow and on the street, it’d be a different story.”

Scenes of Stewart running down the arena tunnel was reminiscent of the ‘Secret Tunnel’ incident between Chris Paul and his former Clippers teammates. Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green were the only players to receive suspensions for the locker-room fracas. Stewart should receive a multiple-game suspension for his heated reaction to LeBron’s cheap shot.

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