Only a handful of teams ever have a realistic chance winning the NBA finals. The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers were early favorites to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy but the Lakers have since dropped down the rankings. We assess the teams most likely to win it all in 2022 by breaking down the championship betting odds from Vegas.

2022 NBA Championship Odds

Brooklyn Nets+250
Golden State Warriors+450
Milwaukee Bucks+700
Phoenix Suns+800
Utah Jazz+1200
Los Angeles Lakers +1200
Miami Heat+1200
Los Angeles Clippers+2500
Philadelphia 76ers+2500
Denver Nuggets+2500
Chicago Bulls+3000
Atlanta Hawks+4000
Dallas Mavericks+4000
Boston Celtics+6600
Memphis Grizzlies+8000
New York Knicks+10000
Portland Trail Blazers+12500
Charlotte Hornets+15000
Indiana Pacers+15000
Washington Wizards+20000
Minnesota Timberwolves+20000
Toronto Raptors+25000
Cleveland Cavaliers+25000
New Orleans Pelicans+25000
Sacramento Kings+50000
San Antonio Spurs+50000
Detroit Pistons+75000
Houston Rockets+75000
Oklahoma City Thunder+75000
Orlando Magic+75000
Odds as of January 1, 2022. Get the latest NBA odds here.

NBA Championship – Preseason Favorites

Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are strong favorites to win the 2022 NBA title. They boast the best big three in the NBA and put together a stellar supporting cast during the offseason. The Nets were inches away from qualifying for the Eastern Conference Finals last season despite injuries to Kyrie Irving and James Harden. A healthy roster should make for a successful season. The only big question mark is Kyrie’s hesitation to get vaccinated, an issue that makes prevents the Nets from reaching their full potential.

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Los Angeles Lakers

The addition of 11 new faces have significantly bolstered the Lakers’ Championship chances. The Lakers big three is now complete with Russell Westbrook on the team. Westbrook averaged a triple double for the Wizards last season and will be expected to facilitate the ball. Age is the only downside to this super team. Five players are over 35 so staying healthy will be the key if LeBron James is to get his fifth championship ring.

Milwaukee Bucks

The defending champs managed to keep most of their roster together but they face a tough task. Only four teams have won back to back Championships since 2000. They may not have the elite talent of the Nets or Lakers but the Bucks are a cohesive championship winning unit. One should never count out a team led by Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry was in fine form last season as he led the league in scoring and has continued to shoot the lights out in the Dubs’ games so far. Klay Thompson is also set to return from a torn ACL at some point in coming weeks. With the Splash Brothers reunited, a strong young core plus the addition of vets like Andre Iguodala and Otto Porter Jr, the Warriors could make a finals run this season.

NBA Championship Winners

These teams won the NBA Championship during the past 10 years:

2020-21: Milwaukee Bucks (46-26)
2019-20: Los Angeles Lakers (52-19)
2018-19: Toronto Raptors (58-24)
2017-18: Golden State Warriors (58-24)
2016-17: Golden State Warriors (67-15)
2015-16: Cleveland Cavaliers (57-25)
2014-15: Golden State Warriors (67-15)
2013-14: San Antonio Spurs (62-20)
2012-13: Miami Heat (66-16)
2011-12: Miami Heat (46-20)

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Which teams have won the most NBA championships?

The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers are the two most triumphant teams in the NBA with 17 championships each. They are followed by the Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs who have five or more titles. Together, the five teams account for nearly 70% of all NBA championship titles.

Which NBA teams have won 3 championships in a row?

Only three teams have managed to complete a three-peat by winning three championships in a row. The Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls have all won three straight championships. Only two teams have pulled off the feat twice – the Lakers and the Bulls. The Lakers enjoyed their first three-peat from 1952 to 1954 and then again from 2000 to 2002. Chicago achieved three-peats between 1991 to 1993 and 1996 to 1998.

How to bet on the NBA Finals

The NBA Championship winner is a popular futures betting option offered by sportsbooks. Futures are typically bets on season-long outcomes such as the eventual MVP winnerRookie of the Year or Coach of the Year.

Odds for futures bets are set during preseason, but can fluctuate throughout the season based on team performances, results, injuries and transactions.

NBA Championship Betting Odds Explained

Basketball sportsbooks usually display NBA Championship betting odds in the American format:

Brooklyn Nets +240

Los Angeles Lakers +350

Milwaukee Bucks +850

Golden State Warriors +900

This indicates that the Brooklyn Nets are the favorite because they have the lowest number beside them. In this situation, the Nets is viewed as the slight favorite over the Los Angeles Lakers.

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How do those numbers translate into payouts? Consider the Golden State Warriors as an example. If you bet $100 successfully on Golden State to win the NBA Championship, you’d get $1000 – your original stake is returned plus your winnings of $900. 

Calculate your potential NBA Championship winnings with our odds calculator.

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NBA ROTY Betting

Cleveland big man Evan Mobley is the favorite to take top honors this season.

But where does Raptors sensation Scottie Barnes rank?

See how all the rookies stack up.

The Brooklyn Nets are favorites to win the NBA Championship in 2022. As of January 4 they are +250 to win the title.

The Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA Championship in 2021, defeating the Phoenix Suns 4-2 in the Finals. Milwaukee are currently third favorite at +700 to win the NBA Championship.

Andrew brings decades of championship winning experience to The AllStar having forged several successful NBA careers on NBA 2K. A longtime Sixers fan, Andrew is very much still trusting the process and awaits the day that Sam Hinkie is allowed back in the NBA.