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The NBA was in full swing Wednesday night with 11 contests. The season’s first overtime game (a narrow win to New York) and Charlotte’s one-point squeaker over Indiana are our highlights today. The league also continued unveiling the 75 best players in its history.

Making Headlines

The Knicks almost blew their wild and woolly season opener before finally scraping past Boston at Madison Square Garden. In the process, New York overcame through two frenetic overtimes and a 46-point effort from Celtic Jaylen Brown. “The good thing at the end of the day is we got the win,” Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau said.

In Charlotte, the Hornets staged a terrific third-quarter run to set up the narrowest of victories over Indiana. Charlotte’s Lamelo Ball scored 12 of his 31 points during that rally.

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Wilt. MJ. Magic: Exalted names among the legends the NBA unveiled today as members of its 75th Anniversary Team. The final 25 will be unveiled tomorrow.

The Twitter community warmly received Allen Iverson’s humble response.

Best of r/NBA

The day’s most up-voted Reddit post featured a Bleacher Report article about injured Pelicans star Zion Williamson. And about his weight, in particular…

Raptor fans rejoiced at their return to their home arena. The result unfortunately was a 15-point loss to the Washington Wizards.

Performance of the Night

Jaylen Brown’s 46-point effort against Knicks deserves an honorable mention, but The Daily Swish is giving the nod to Charlotte’s Lamelo Ball. His third-quarter performance fueled a rally that tipped the game into the Hornets’ favor. He also became the youngest player with at least 30 points, five rebounds and five assists in a season opener, according to the Associated Press.

And dang, he looks fly:

Play of the Day

The tweet from Bleacher says it all. Ja Morant, last season’s rookie of the year, throws down two of his 37 points to lead Memphis home against Cleveland. That’s our Play of the Day.

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