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Stephen Curry’s 45 points to get Golden State narrowly home was far and away the big highlight of Thursday night’s three NBA games. The league also unveiled the final batch of its 75th Anniversary Team.

Making Headlines

The basketball world went nuts over Steph Curry’s performance in his squad’s one-point win over the Los Angeles Clippers. He scored 25 of his points in the first quarter alone, which included hitting all of his first 10 shots. The Warriors are now 2-0 and definitely have much more in store for us this season. And Klay Thompson still hasn’t returned…

In Miami, the Heat blew out Milwaukee by almost as many points as Curry scored. Tyler Herro led with 27 points for Miami, who set team records for opening night scoring and margin of victory. The Bucks took out their starters in the third quarter.

In the other Thursday night game, Trae Young led the Atlanta Hawks in a 113-87 demolition of the Dallas Mavericks.

What’s On Tonight

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Game (home team in bold)Time (US EST)
Charlotte at Cleveland7 pm
New York at Orlando7 pm
Indiana at Washington7 pm
Brooklyn at Philadelphia7:30 pm
Toronto at Boston7:30 pm
New Orleans at Chicago8 pm
Oklahoma City at Houston8 pm
San Antonio at Denver9 pm
Phoenix at Los Angeles Lakers10 pm
Utah at Sacramento10 pm


Social media exploded after Curry’s performance. He had several reasons to smile, including being named to the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team.

Also nominated: LeBron, Mamba, Melo. Couple surprises for us. But far be it from us to stoke controversy (more on this later).

All the responses posted by the nominees (that we’ve seen) the last couple of days have oozed humility and class. The King was no different.

Best of r/NBA

The Simmons saga continues to attract a lot of attention on Reddit. Posts related to the ongoing standoff were the day’s most up-voted conversations. The Philadelphia Eagles’ Jason Kelce weighed in:

Disgruntlement with the NBA’s top 75 list snuck in among the Simmons posts. Let’s face it: Any list of anyone’s top anything will always generate controversy and debate.

Performance of the Night

Just a couple days ago, Curry notched a triple double against the LA Lakers on opening night. Even so, he complained about his “trash performance” and poor shooting. He’s certainly put any doubts about his ability to rest.

Play of the Day

Our answer to the league’s question below: Tyler, baby! We probably would’ve given him performance of the night if not for Steph. But we can willingly and happily give his deep, deep three ball our Play of the Day.

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