With NBA games seemingly getting postponed on a daily basis, it pays to know what happens with your bets.

More often than not, a cancelled or postponed NBA game will lead to a void bet meaning your wager will be refunded. Every sportsbook has their own rules so make sure you take a look at them to avoid any surprises.

Here’s what some of our favorite sportsbooks say about cancelled and postponed NBA games.


“If a match is not played on the scheduled date, all bets will be void.”


“If an event is not played on its scheduled date all wagers on the event will have no action.”


“In the event that the game is suspended before time stipulated above and play is not re-established later on that same day, all wagers will be deemed no action.”


“If a match is interrupted or postponed and is not continued within 48h after initial tip-off date, betting will be void.”

In most cases, if the game is not completed within 48 hours after the scheduled completion date, then your bets for the game will be void and your wager will be refunded.

A sports bet that is declared void is a bet that is cancelled.

When a bet is declared void, your stake is returned to your account. You don’t lose any money, but you don’t win any either. And the bookmaker doesn’t either.

For all intents and purposes, it’s as if it never happened.

Andrew brings decades of championship winning experience to The AllStar having forged several successful NBA careers on NBA 2K. A longtime Sixers fan, Andrew is very much still trusting the process and awaits the day that Sam Hinkie is allowed back in the NBA.