Fighters come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes before they start their camp. Take recently temporarily fat UFC fighter Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. The training camp is where the weight loss and fat loss happens, but the weight cut is just that, a weight “cut”. After weigh ins, a fighter will need to eat and drink the right stuff to put the weight they’ve cut back on in a healthy way. What do UFC fighters eat after weigh-ins? Let’s take a look:

How to water cut

Most MMA fighters are water loading in the weeks and days leading to a weight cut. Boxers cut weight in a similar fashion. A water-loading weight cut is when an athlete consumes large volumes of liquids before a weight cut. This prepares the body to drop extra water weight when it’s time to cut weight for an MMA weigh in. During the weight-cut process, fighters will warm up a bit or do a light workout before getting into a warm bath. The warm bath primed with the previous water loading causes the athlete to sweat a lot of water efficiently and cut enough water weight to get to their desired weight class. After weigh ins, fighters will eat and drink specific foods to put the weight back on in the best way.

What to eat after a weight cut

UFC fighters need various nutrients after a weight cut including electrolytes, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Some of the best ways to get these are with sports drinks like Gatorade, coconut water, water with salt, or Pedialyte, which is (per their website) “an advanced hydration solution specially formulated with the optimal balance of sugar and electrolytes needed to help replenish fluids, minerals, and nutrients.” Start with small sips. Drink slowly.

Don’t eat solid food right away

The key is to replace the sodium and electrolytes first. Stick to liquids and avoid solid food for the first hour. Start refueling with your body with the right liquids first, then your saliva will produce the digestive enzymes needed for solid foods,

After liquids, carbs.

Your body is now ready to digest solid foods and store glycogen. UFC fighters will eat some of their favourite food at this point.

What do UFC fighters eat after weigh-ins? Examples:

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