A parlay is a type of bet in which multiple bets, or legs, are connected. The winnings from the previous bet are rolled over into the next bet, or new leg, acting as the stake for the next bet.

Parlays may be three, four, five or more legs… with the odds increasing hugely the further your win streak goes until you win the last leg. Alas, if any leg loses before the end of your parlay, all winnings are lost.

Outside the US, parlays are often called Accumulators, which tend to be made up of four or more single bets

A parlay is a wager type in which multiple bets are linked together as one. A parlay is treated as one big bet, and every bet or selection withinin a parlay must win for the parlay bet to payout. If even one game loses, the parlay loses.

Sportsbooks give you bigger and bigger payouts for adding more games to a parlay, but the probability of losing increases as well. It’s more difficult to be right 5 times than 1.

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