Undefeated featherweight prospect Isaac Dulgarian is not going to let Ray Ostrander’s bullying tactics faze him in their Fighting Alliance Championship clash this weekend.

Dulgarian faces Ostrander on Dec. 10 at FAC 11.

“From what I see he’s average everywhere to me,” Dulgarian said in an interview with The AllStar’s John Hyon Ko. “He does a good job at shooting and getting people on the cage. Just doing bully tactics. I don’t think that’s going to work on me. I don’t think I’m gonna get put on the cage. I feel like standing or on the ground I feel like I can dominate the fight.”

Dulgarian has a clean sheet as a professional, with his three wins coming either by knockout or submission.

For Ostrander, “the sooner I can get him out the better,” Dulgarian said. “I don’t want to force anything. I want to let it come. My last fight it kinda just happened that way. I started to land heavy strikes and the guy had to belly down. I’ll take what I can get. Whether it’s a TKO, a knockout, a submission. It doesn’t matter, a wins a win.”

He also spoke to The AllStar about :

  • His dirtbike racing career
  • Glory MMA
  • Hectic schedule during training camp
  • Importance of James Krause

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Dulgarian’s last 3 professional MMA fights:

  • Win vs Jessy Ebrecht • KO/TKO R1 0:35 • 2021-07-30
  • Win vs Marquise Moody • Submission R1 1:45 • 2021-05-07
  • Win vs Sam Hernandez • KO/TKO R1 2:18 • 2021-03-05

Darren is the editorial director of The AllStar and a retired championship-winning point guard who dropped dimes and broke ankles in recreational leagues across the Asia Pacific. A former APAC markets and banking editor with Bloomberg News, Darren has written about the NBA and UFC. Personal sporting highlight: Being courtside under the backboard (and a little to the left) when Vince Carter did THAT DUNK on Frederic Weis at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

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