Three different bettors are living the dream after they turned 50 cents into $130,000 off the back of a six-leg first basket scorer parlay. The three FanDuel users, all from Pennsylvania, hit the jackpot when all six players in their NBA parlay scored the opening baskets in their games.

The six NBA players picked to score the opening basket were:

  • Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (+370)
  • Houston Rockets big man Christian Wood (+450)
  • New York Knicks guard Evan Fournier (+700)
  • Charlotte Hornets forward Gordon Hayward (+900)
  • Atlanta Hawks forward Bogdan Bogdanovic (+950)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers forward Lauri Markkanen (+1100)

Here’s how the unlikely parlay unfolded:

Gordon Hayward (+900) got things started, scoring a transition three-pointer 45 seconds into the game against Philadelphia.

Bogdan Bogdanovic (+950) was next as he knocked down a turnaround jumper 30 seconds into the game at home to the Heat.

Evan Fournier (+700) was quick to get on the scoreboard against Dallas, nailing a three after only 14 seconds of play.

Christian Wood (+450) found himself in a mismatch against Spurs guard Dejounte Murray and posted him up for an easy dunk.

The longshot of the parlay, Lauri Markkanen (+1100), took some time to hit. Five other shots went up before Markkanen eventually made a layup nearly two minutes into the game.

Finally it was down to LeBron James (+370), the shortest number on the parlay, to come up with the goods. The Lakers star hit a free throw 38 seconds into the game to complete the incredible parlay.

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The seemingly improbably parlay carried odds of +26056700. That equated to a $130,284 return for the 50 cent wager.

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