Franco is a Manila-based journalist and freelance sportswriter who likes to obsess over the Milwaukee Bucks in his spare time. He's still patiently waiting for Donte DiVincenzo's breakout season.

2022 marks the chance for a fresh start to a largely imperfect season in Milwaukee. We identify five areas which the Bucks will have to focus on if they want to return to the NBA Finals.

Donte DiVincenzo’s evolution as a player has gone in a different direction than initially predicted. Does his style fit with the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks? Franco Luna takes a deep dive into DiVincenzo’s role on the team.

It’s a legitimately overdone film trope. Still, the endearing self-help montages of old (off the bat, legends like Rocky Balboa and the Karate Kid come to mind) have always held a certain charm and gravitas for this writer. For some five minutes of screen time, we see our protagonists lifting…